About Us

DOZMAX is the real estate group that consumers and members trust to deliver top-of-the-line services and support. We have been in the real estate business for over 25 years, and some of our members have many more years of experience under their belt. Our business model is focused on providing affordable and top-quality real estate solutions to customers, and empowering members with the training necessary to maintain the benchmark we’ve set.


It is our mission to be the undisputed leader in our niche within our market area. We are already one of the most recognized real estate companies in Australasia. The goal is to continue delivering the best service across all aspects of property sales, purchase and management, and strive to expand our geographic reach.


Professionals operates on the values of knowledge, integrity, diligence, discipline and teamwork.

- Knowledge is essential to inform and guide clients

- Integrity builds client trust and confidence in our brand

- Diligence is a necessary quality in a profession where legwork, accuracy of details and a procedural style of working are the norm

- Discipline is the driving force that helps achieve results in a time-bound manner

- Teamwork keeps members going and gives them the opportunity to learn from one another

  • Our investment in technology and systems 

Our members are empowered with a full suite of technology solutions, which include intranet, property management solutions, a relationship management platform, a website content management system and a reporting dashboard to stay on top of business at all times. We are exploring ways to incorporate technologies that enable members to save time, improve performance and effectiveness of service.

  • A focus on continuing professional development 

Continuing professional development across all areas of real estate practice enables members to enhance knowledge, improve skills and keep pace with the current standards in the industry. The real estate marketplace is a dynamic; staying abreast of trends, developments and new regulations prepare agents to counsel clients most effectively and maximize results. Continuing professional development advances members’ body of knowledge and sharpens their technology skills, allowing them to position themselves (and the DOZMAX brand) more authoritatively before clients.

  • Taking good care of the DOZMAX family

Employee performance and attitude are strongly related to business performance. To this end, our vibrant and comfortable workspaces allow members to operate with independence. They take full ownership of their individual clients, seeing them through every stage of the engagement cycle with  integrity and enthusiasm.

Such is our business model that all our members have a strong sense of brand ownership. Our quick expansion since our inception has been driven by strong membership growth and concerted efforts towards member retention. Professionals is today one of the country’s most recognizable brands solely due to its members.


Every One of Our Team brings with them valuable experience and in-depth knowledge of the local real estate markets. Our board is organized to provide oversight, and plays a proactive role in shaping DOZMAX's long-term strategies. They are fully involved in steering Professionals in the right direction and maintaining its edge in service excellence across the World.

Our leadership adopts a hands-on approach to extract advantage from opportunities as they arise in this dynamic industry. At the same time, we are confident and resourceful in the face of challenges, and always manage to execute our responsibilities to the highest standards.

DOZMAX is closely invested in our clients’ and members’ goals. The goal is not just to get the job done, but to do it perfectly. We’re not afraid to dream big, and equally committed to going the extra mile to achieve it. Let Us Help You!