Residence Permit in Turkey

Applying for a Residence Permit in Turkey

The application process for a residence permit in Turkey is relevant to anyone who wants to stay in the country for more than 90 days at a time. This includes students, employees, foreigners married to Turkish nationals who are yet to gain citizenship, anyone conducting scientific research, and foreign property buyers.

People who want to stay for less than that duration can use a touristic e-visa but cannot remain in Turkey for more than 90 days out of a 180 day period.

Note: Foreigners looking to work in Turkey will also need to apply for work permits. Foreigners should also start applications as soon as possible because if the tourist visa expires, they will be living in Turkey illegally.

First Time Application for a Short-Term Residence Permit in Turkey

Foreigners applying for the first time need to fill in an application form on the official e-residence website. (

They will issue an appointment and you will need the following documents;

• Copy of the application form and confirmation of appointment
• Original passport with more than six months validity as well as a color photocopy of the main page.
• Four biometric photos
• Valid health insurance (over 65 and under 18 are exempt)
• Proof of address like Tapu (title deeds) or rental contract
• Evidence that you can financially support yourself

Notes: A first-time permit will be valid for one or two years. After that, you can apply for two-years, or a long-term residency if you have lived in Turkey under a permit for nine years. Renewal of residence permits must be done at least 14 days before expiration date.

In some districts, police will complete spot checks at the applicant’s house. The system has also changed in Istanbul for certain nationalities. Please contact us if you are an existing customer who wishes to apply for a residence permit there.

Upon approval, you will be given a document until your Ikamet Card is sent to you via post. If your application is unsuccessful, the DGMM (Directorate General of Migration Management) will contact you.

Citizenship Instead of Residency

Any foreigner who meets the following requirements may apply for citizenship instead of residency. They include;

• A fixed capital investment of 500.000 USD
 Purchasing property in Turkey worth 250.000 USD and keeping it for three years.
• Creating 50 jobs for Turkish citizens
• Anyone who has deposited 500.000 USD in Turkish banks or bought the equivalent amount of government bonds. Terms and conditions say these requirements must stay in place for three years.

Further Information: When it comes to obtaining a residency permit in Turkey, customers of Antalya Homes and our other branches around Turkey can contact us for more advice and help. Please contact us here to speak to a sales representative.

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