Property Purchasing in Turkey

To foreigners, the property buying process in Turkey may seem daunting and like negotiating a minefield, however, rest assured, because the team at Antalya Homes have your back. As well as helping and supporting our customers at every stage of the buying process, we offer a comprehensive after-sales service to help you settle in and keep your new home in tip-top condition. When you choose to invest in Turkish real estate with Antalya Homes, the process will be smooth and easy.

Key Stages of The Property Buying Process in Turkey

1: Viewing Tour

A viewing tour of Antalya Homes begins with a meeting in one of our offices and discussing suitable options for viewing. At the request of the client, our real estate agent can pick you up from the hotel or other places where you stay.

From there, we will take you to see the suitable properties and the neighborhoods surrounding them. This is a stress-free process because we don’t do hard sales at Antalya Homes. We understand that buying a property in Turkey is a big lifestyle decision and we want our customers to feel comfortable with their choice.

2: Deposit and Sales Agreement

Once you have chosen the property you want to buy, the next step is to sign the sales agreement with the seller and to make a deposit that is usually 5.000 USD.

At this stage, you will need your passport. The agreement will be in three languages, Turkish, English and your own.

Two copies are issued, one for each party. The agreement will include all terms and conditions related to the sale, and it is legally binding. At this stage, we also offer additional help including furniture shopping, obtaining tax numbers and opening bank accounts.

3: Payment

The sales agreements will also include the currency for payments, which usually consist of the following stages.

• A deposit (usually 5.000 USD) when signing the sales agreement
• Full payment when receiving the Title deed (Tapu)

In some cases according to the agreement with the buyer & seller;

• A deposit (10% of the property amount) when signing the sales agreement
• Second stage payment which is generally in 3 to 4 months’ time
• Final payment at the time of signing for Title Deed (Tapu)

4: Preparing the Appraisal Report

After the payment, the appraisal report is required before the title deed transfer. While preparing the valuation report, the expert checks the property itself, takes the photos, controls the registry at the Tapu office and checks the registered plans at the municipality and finally, collects the comparison prices. It takes 2 days to prepare the report.

5: Receiving Your Title Deeds (TAPU)

Unless you appoint a Power of Attorney, you will need to be present when notified that your title deed is ready for collection. At this stage, the final payment must be made, and all taxes and state duties paid.

Both the seller and buyer meet at the title deeds office at the appointed time, where the official transfer of the title deed takes place in the presence of a sworn translator. Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a property in Turkey.

What Extra Charges Will I Pay for My Property?

The construction companies that we work to set the prices of new homes, so we do not charge commission on this type of real estate purchase. We charge 2% commission on resale properties. Purchase Expenses page contains information about other expenses associated with the property buying process in Turkey.

When Can I Move into My Property?

For resale properties, the buyer and seller agree on the handover date. It usually coincides with the full payment and signing of title deed. If you buy a brand-new apartment from a construction company, in most cases, the developers let buyers move in when 70% of the price has been paid.

How Will I Pay My Utility Bills?

We will also help you to get electricity and water registered, and at this point, advises you on the easiest and best ways to pay household bills.

What Documents Do I Need to Buy Property in Turkey?

Initially, to buy a property, you need a passport and local tax number, of which we will help you to obtain. You will also need the tax number as well as a utility bill from your home in the country you are living in, to open a Turkish bank account. Lastly, two photos measuring 3cm by 4cm are needed.

See the FAQ page if you have more questions about the property buying process in Turkey. Otherwise, contact us today to speak with a sales representative, via email, telephone or by dropping into one of our local offices.

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