Turkey Must Have A China Town In Istanbul!

Turkey Must Have A China Town In Istanbul!

I have been living in china for long enough to know Chinese people and China as country. They are truly one of the greatest people with great history on the world. If you are looking for kindness, smartness and hard work then you must visit China or be a friend with Chinese people. 

I visited China Town in New York and Chicago, those places are awesome to go see true of asian culture and try their tasty Chinese food. Warm people with great heart and hospitality. I believe such a great city of Istanbul must have a China Town anytime soon. 

Already about 1 million Chinese visiting Turkey every year as tourist. So many of them are fascinated by beauty of Istanbul. They call Turkey A Love country. I heard so many times they want stay longer if they can or live here as their own home. 

Time is to open doors to Chinese they can become part of this great Istanbul with their own culture and people. 

I am Mehmet DOZ and Our DOZMAX Company is welcoming all our Chinese friends to visit Turkey and settle down with us here in istanbul. We are here to provide any support we can to all of you and work harder toward building a China Town together for lovely people of Great China.

We speak Chinese! Contact Us if you need any help with real estate in Turkey!

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