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Diyarbakır is one of the best places to live in the world; it is remodeled city that has fingerprints of early ciivilizations with great history and art. Living in this city will not just give you a safe home, it will also connect you with entire middle east and world. it's a remote city that is 3 hours far from iraq, 2 hours far from syria and 4 hours far from İran.

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17,000m Land For Sale - Central Diyarbakir

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This land is located near center of Diyarbakir!

About 500 meters far from the center. Great for investment. Also Very close to public buildings and other towns around. 

2,189m Land For Sale Diyarbakir

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This Land is located at Kolludere!

It is very close to new build Highway! Absolutely Great for Investment. If you are interested in small land for small budget then this is a great opportunity for you. Contact Us for more information.

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